Rowville Primary School Curriculum

Students have the opportunities to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to understand and participate in a globally connected world.

The ‘How the World Works’ Program develops hearts and minds. Students are supported to be curious and eager to understand the world the world around them and to develop an enriched understanding of themselves. They are immersed in nature, culture, science and history.

Students are immersed in projects that foster inquiry and critical thinking in disciplines such as history, geography, civics and citizenship and economics. They see and observe the world through lens such as justice, change or impact.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden promotes curiosity into nature, the environment and culture. The garden inspires conversations and stimulates the senses. It promotes social cohesion, collaboration, and personal enrichment. It gives students a sense of belonging and connectedness to the natural environment. The kitchen immerses students in Italian culture and cooking and an understanding of nutrition.

We support our students to develop the core STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that are essential for success in the future.

Each week students are immersed in a specialised STEM session where they collaborate to design and create and evaluate a range of inventions. These projects further promote curiosity into how the world works.

Rowville Primary School prepares students to be curious, creative, innovative and compassionate citizens of the future.


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