The Italian Program at Rowville Primary School

Ciao e benvenuti! Hello and welcome!

Italian at Rowville Primary School is delivered in an immersive approach across all year levels from Foundation to Year 6.

As well as learning the greetings and the fundamentals of a conversation in Italian, the students are encouraged to use as much Italian as possible when speaking and asking questions in the Italian classroom to build their confidence when speaking the language. Students experience the Italian culture though their learning of Italian celebrations and traditions. Authentic resources from Italy such as maps, brochures, posters, post cards, images, artefacts as well as a variety of ICT resources including YouTube videos, songs, voice clips and images are used to expose the students to the language and culture.

The language also travels well beyond the realm of the classroom as students are taught Italian using the school’s rich resources. The students learn vocabulary and phrases through visits to the garden, focus on nature and sustainability and explore mathematical and scientific terms and topics through their focus on a STEM topic related to the Italian language and culture.
Topics include Leonardo Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Roman ingenuity and famous Italian buildings and monuments.

The learning in the Italian program is interwoven with the topics covered in the How the World Works units as well as building in skills from the Personal and Social Capability curriculum.

The Italian program is linked heavily with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program where students learn the linguistic and cultural elements associated with Italian cuisine and cooking.