Student Parliament

The Student Parliament at Rowville Primary School consists of working parties that reflect what we consider to be of importance in our school. Each working party has a Minister and a Deputy who are responsible for leading the work of the members of the group.

The Parliamentary working parties are: STEM; Environment and Sustainability; Ceremonies and Special Events; Community Service; the Arts; Health and Wellbeing; Peer Support.

Each working party organises and leads certain initiatives in our school and has two ministers who are responsible for leading the work of that group. The Parliamentary working parties provide an opportunity for students to: express their opinions; represent the students in our school; and participate in authentic decision making in their particular portfolio.

Student Parliamentarians are encouraged to initiate and collaborate to deliver projects according to their portfolio.

As members of Parliament, student leaders are responsible for:

  • Attending regular Parliamentary meetings to discuss the needs of students in the school
  • Developing a shared vision and values for their working party
  • Developing and working on meaningful projects that improve their area and serve our community
  • Ensuring they carry-out the responsibilities in their role descriptions
  • Being exemplary role models in our school community by consistently upholding our values of respect, responsibility, pride and perseverance.