Visual Art at Rowville Primary School

Through the visual arts program, students at Rowville Primary School have an opportunity to develop their imaginative and creative skills. They observe, solve problems and innovate.

Teaching students to be creative is a deliberate explicit process at Rowville Primary School. The work of published artists is used to tune students into the elements of art. The teacher models the techniques and engages to students to think about the choices that the artist has made and why perhaps they have made those choices.

Students then work independently. They participate in painting, printing, collage, construction, modelling, drawing, and working with threads and textiles. These may be introduced as individual projects or as part of a mixed media project. They may use technology for graphic presentations.

Gallery walks are utilised to encourage students to critique and evaluate their work and that of their classmates.

Through this process our students not only develop their artistic skills but learn to understand the world of art. Our visual arts program helps students to learn to value diverse perspectives and culture. This is becoming increasingly important in a global society.