21st Century Learning Space

Our library is a meeting space where students can gather; a collaborative space where they can work together in small groups; a transparent space where learning in the school can be seen through the windows; a more barrier-free space in terms of student use; and an innovative space where the design that supports the units of inquiry that are happening across our school. A space where we sit around a “camp-fire” to listen to stories.

Our traditional library has been transformed into an innovative library that encourages teachers and students to collaborate, communicate, and share.

Traditionally, the library was a silent place where you worked on your own doing silent work. The Rowville Primary School library is a 21st centre of active learning. It incorporates a combination of paper, books and technology to create a learning environment for our students.

A STEM Centre is connected to our library. We want our students to interact with the content, the technology, the space, and each other in order to increase their knowledge and skills


At Rowville Primary School, students from Foundation to Year Six are encouraged to be critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers and collaborators in our specialist STEM program.
STEM lessons are designed to be hands on and project-based to build and broaden specific knowledge and skills found the science, technology, engineering and mathematics domains and are based on the Design and Technologies Victorian Curriculum; which encompasses technologies and society, technologies contexts and creating designed solutions.

Students are encouraged to be curious about the world we live in and undertake scientific research, perform experiments, carry out field work, formulate hypotheses, and collect and analyse data in the scientific fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth and Space. They then use this knowledge to create designed solutions using the engineering design process; integrating technology wherever possible. Mathematics is integral to all fields of science and is embedded in all of the learning.